Live to Eat or Eat to Live

Today marks the first day of prep-work for the reboot. What's a reboot, you ask? Didn't you say you were going to get to that, you ask? Yeah, yeah here we go.

In the movie, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," the filmmaker Joe Cross and his newfound friend Phil cure themselves of an intense autoimmune disorder by juicing. They each do a 60 day juice fast (no food, just fresh juice from fresh fruits and vegetables), lose tons of weight, and successfully wean off prescription medications that were keeping them alive and functioning.

The reboot movement born from their inspirational stories is online. There are various reboot programs based on individual needs and commitment levels. From between 5 and 15 days you drink and/or eat fruits and vegetables ONLY which preps (just so you know, my iPad just changed the word "preps" to "Oreos." definitely a conspiracy) your body, mind, and palate for a primarily micro nutrient food diet (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, etc) for optimum health.

Now back to me. Today I am supposed to be prepping for the official reboot start date next Monday. Maybe you read about my last supper below. Over the next week I'm to cut out all meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, refined grains and sugars... Ooh boy my stomach is beginning to growl just thinking about it!

I wish I was a foodie, I really do. I wish I could live to eat and have that lifestyle be revered. Our society dedicates an entire channel and many more shows to the pursuit of good food. I wish I had a refined palette that would help me choose what's worth eating... But wishing isn't particularly effective and I'm not and I don't! For me, living to eat is about cravings and impulses, the sensation of being stuffed to the gills, and feeling drunk on food.

Today, I got bad news at work. One of my best friends left the agency and I my proposal for a promotion got denied. Not a great day as days go... A day where living to eat my way would haven fit the bill. But today, I choose to eat to live. I will give my body the fuel it needs and not expect any food to mute the intense feelings I've brought home. Bottom line is, the junk food won't really make me feel better, in fact... I'll likely feel worse.

Today I chose to eat to live, living to eat can go to Anthony Bourdain.

Now I choose to eat to live.