Running for my dinner

Today, I reintroduced food to my gut. It was a turbulent, but ultimately joyous, reunion. After 132 hours of just juice, I decided I wanted to eat. And what's different about this time, is that I wanted to eat well. Around 120 hours in I started to read "Eat to Live" and grew hopeful about a moderate, vegan, lifestyle that could help me reach my goals. 12 hours of decision making influenced by a BBQ in my own home may still be impulsive, but hell, I'm not claiming not to be!

Today I ate: a banana, half a pear, 1/3rd of a peach, a handful of carrots, a vegetable (lots of dark leafy greens, onion, and red pepper) sandwich on sprouted grain toast, 1/2 cup of beans, and a few bites of tofu and noodles. And I feel wonderful! Full (comfortably) and warm and satisfied and energetic and calm and what I was really looking for... Excited again.

That's what was missing this second round of fasting. I wasn't excited about it (I kind of dreaded it which made it that much harder to get started) and I wasn't excited about juice. Last time I conquered hunger by sipping on juice constantly throughout the day. This time, I could barely drink any juice without retching so I waited until I was hungry (no. ravenous), drank it fast so I wasn't starving myself, and belched for much of the next several hours. Not a good time.

So, here's what's next. This blog is still about looking good in sweatpants--it's still about my journey to health. I'm going to share what I learn about plant based diets, recovering from food addiction, transitioning from being a fat person to a thin one, and so on and so on. Because I know they are wildly popular, there will still be TMI posts. And I'm pretty sure there will be more changes to the plan, or necessary evolutions as I like to call them.

And here's what's first! Today when I got home I went running. Outside. I walked to the park around the block, took two walking laps around the block and then started to run. I made it one full length and 1/2 of the next length before I couldn't feel my legs. I probably could have gone a bit longer but I really don't like falling down so I resumed walking. I walked the rest of the way and headed back home. All in all it was 20 minutes of an elevated heart rate and more running than I've done since middle school.

But it was also more. It was me, in stretchy clothes, bouncing all my bits around, in public. Do you know any fat people? Are you a fat person? And I'm not talking about healthy weight person with body image issues, I mean really... a fat person. What do you think when you see a fat person exercising? "oh, good for them!" or "yeah right sweetie" or "I don't think anything because I don't see color..." blah blah, yeah right. What do you think when you see a fit person exercising? Either not much or just "yup." it makes sense right? They are fit. They exercise. It goes together. Just like a great ass in sweatpants.

I don't want to be a candidate for the people of wal mart website, which is unlikely because I don't shop at wal mart, when I leave my house in sweat pants and walk by you on the street the only thing I want going through your head is "yup."


Day 4 Blues

It's overly simplistic (a la louise hay), but this is ALL about attitude. If I start to feel badly about juicing or thinking about food I want the decline is rapid and I'm ready to break the fast I was dedicated to within moments. Same in that when I am positive and hopeful and remind myself that the juice is nourishing and healing me I am resolved again within moments.

Today I spent a lot of time on this roller coaster. I was here before last time, where the taste of juice was the least appealing thing I could think of... but I was still too hungry not to have any. Today I tried to mostly subsist on tea and water and I even gave myself an enema trying to speed through the process of ending digestion in the colon... It's 10pm and the devil on my shoulder is definitely trying to convince me that one bite of (anything really) won't hurt.


I like instant gratification. I mean, really... Losing 10 pounds in the last 4 days isn't enough for me. I want to close my eyes, open them, and find that this is over and I've conquered it.


Drink fast, run fast

To the toilet!

In round one I drank all my juice slowly and sudden BMs were not an issue. Round two... Been gulping and running. Wowza!

TMI: Headaches, and Mucous, and um (memory loss?) Oh MY!

As you may recall from the first round of this juicing adventure, I spent a full week prepping by cutting out meat, dairy, white flours, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc out of my diet. This process made the detox symptoms much milder.

This time I jumped straight in from a taco bell and pizza binge and let me tell you what's happened!

I've had a few headaches, minor ones... probably from going off caffeine again

I sound like I have TB, but only in random and sudden moments. My deep barking cough also produces huge clumps of yellow mucous just like that detox stage description said it would. And yes, it is disturbing!

I can't remember shit, but it happened suddenly. Like maybe 2:30 or 3 yesterday. I was in the middle of a training and lost my ability to speak coherently. Wowza, that was fun!

Upside, I'm nicer now that I'm stupider...

Thought IS Creative

Yesterday, as I was making up for time lost in traffic by traveling well above the posted speed limit I mentioned to my passenger that I usually get a ticket about every 18 months and I was just about due.

(flashing lights in my rearview mirror)

Sigh.  Damn, I AM POWERFUL.  If I can will myself to get a speeding ticket I can certainly juice myself thin.


F*CK You, Day 2!

I'm kind of pagan-ish... if you don't know what that means... I don't know what to tell you other than it probably isn't what you think and you should look it up? I'm into the whole earth religion thing and peace and love and other hippie stuff (like juice fasting!). In particular I believe in our bodies' ability to heal ourselves both through tangible resources like food, exercise, etc AND through the power of our minds. I don't typically subscribe to the "fight" angle when removing a disease from the body. To me, conflict doesn't bring about much resolution... so instead of fighting against things like illness or disease I try to work with them--or at least work with my body's natural response to something. I'm sounding really goofy now, but it doesn't really matter because I'm about to contradict myself. Because...

Today, I got through the day with this mantra: "F*ck You, Day 2!" It had a nice little rhyme to it and it was my way of avoiding all of the available food and recovering from the anger I felt (toward myself?) from having to relive day 2 again. And you know what? It worked. :) And I made it through the day. 2 days into just juicing I have lost 6lbs. The scale seems a bit misleading in terms of progress because I know most of the weight lost in the first couple days is water and impacted waste, but still nice to be back on track like that!

I documented day 2 by taking photos of everything I had the opportunity to eat and didn't. For each one let's shout the mantra together!

First, out came the cake! Yes we do indeed have the strange custom of poisoning our bodies with refined sugar as a celebration of our day of birth.

F*CK You, Day 2!

Then, lunch was served. Deli sandwiches and chips...

F*CK You, Day 2!

Another lunch was offered to those who wished to take part...

And boy did they!

F*CK You, Day 2!

Snacks were abound...

F*CK You, Day 2!

And, yes, I even said it to this helpless little tangerine.

F*CK You, Day 2!

So, what did I consume today, you ask?

I made it through the day with iced green tea sweetened with apple juice accompanying my mean green juice, an orange colored juice (carrots, yam, orange, coconut water, and cantaloupe), and a garlic veggie juice (tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, celery, parsley, garlic, and lime).

Once home (from a 12 hour work day that involved 4 hours of driving over 100 miles each way and a speeding ticket) I treated myself to a lukewarm cup of half strength vegetable broth.

Oh yeah, people. This IS the good life.


Making the juicy life a little simpler

It's true that juicing can be difficult. Willpower, planning, preparation, cleaning, and much more are exercised on a daily basis. We may not use many of those muscles in our daily lives so it hurts to start working them out at first.

I have a tendency to look for short cuts (I'm also a hyper critical perfectionist... how's that combo for ya?), I suppose it's because I'm also an over achiever and it helps me to do more in less time.

Here are a couple juicy tips to make the road to success a little easier.
1. Put your juicer on a tray or cookie sheet. When the inevitable spills happen, you will only have to clean the tray...not the whole counter (although before i figured this out--today!--my kitchen counters were cleaner than ever from all that wiping!)

2. Only wash the blade/filter once a day. This is a theory, and I'm testing it now...but here's where it comes from. Nursing moms who pump their breast milk have to wash their pump equipment after each pumping session or the milk will dry on, get sticky, spoil, etc. Some brilliant woman discovered that putting her rinsed off pump parts in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge kept them fresh until the next nursing session and she only had to do an actual wash at the end of each day. I'm proposing that the same can be true of these horrid to clean centrifugal juicer blades...simply rinse, pop in ziploc, and leave in fridge. Do the necessary scrub down to thoroughly clean at the end of each day!

Day 1 today, Day 1 tomorrow

If you've been keeping track you know today was day 1 again... I ate lunch (channa daal and rice from the Indian/Pakistani place across the street) so it wasn't day 1 of just juicing but it was day 1 of something... A new attitude maybe?

I wanted the lunch, I felt hungry, and hungry for that food in particular (that, for future reference, is probably a good sign that I wasn't actually hungry) but eating it wasn't satisfying. I felt heavy and smelly afterward and instead of waiting to get hungry again I grabbed my mean green from the office fridge and sipped on it until it was time to go home at 5:00p.m.

Tonight again at home I want to eat, but I know the hunger is a lie, I have been nourished plenty for today and my body has abundant emergency rations stored in my hips and thighs. Kate Moss says nothing tastes as good as being thin feels... let's find out if she's right.

More Recipes (from someone in a better mood)

I know I exist on a roller coaster, and I'm willing to bet that I have pretty predictable patterns, but I've never been one to document my life well enough to keep tabs on myself. So I'm asking you now, dear readers... tell me what you see as time goes on. I've noticed already that this blog has taken me through at least one cycle starting at up, going down, and now picking back up again. Let's see what happens next!

While we are at it, let's make some juice! This is a delicious, hearty juice from the reboot site called gazpacho. I doubled the recipe in this case and it made over 1 quart.

I experimented with peaches too. I started with a recipe from the reboot site expert blog that called for greens in this juice but once I started it looked so pretty I couldn't stand to mess with it. I did end up throwing in an orange and two carrots post-picture.

That's 4 peaches (pits removed), 1 red yam, 1 apple, 1/2 lemon, and like I said... Eventually an orange and 2 carrots.


Shopping Trip

I have a confession to make... I never read the supermarket ads. Really. I complain about money but basically just shop for what I want where I want when I want it. If you haven't caught on already, impulse control is something I could stand to build some strength in.

Today's shopping trip is significant because I not only looked at the ads, I read them ALL and made a price comparison spreadsheet! Ralph's (Kroger to y'all who aren't in SoCal) came out as the winner which was surprising considering how many low income targeted markets there are here...but based on what I needed and the prices... I already said it, Ralph's won.

What I already have in the fridge:
All of the fruits/veggies from our road trip haul mentioned in the back in the saddle post
1/2 a 5lb bag of spinach from Costco ($3-4)
1/2 a 10lb bag of carrots from Costco ($4-5)
2 bunches of celery
6 on the vine tomatoes
1 cucumber
and a few misc older leftovers (like half a beet and some ginger)

BFO works for Sprouts, formerly Henry's and we get a 15% discount. I don't know how much the last few items cost because he bought them for me. I am sure they were on sale. He's great about that.

here's what I brought home today for less than $25
6 lemons $2
4 large bartlett pears $2
1 red bell pepper $1.50
1 sm jalapeƱo $0.03
4 huge black plums $2.70
2 small red yams $0.60
1 bunch green grapes $1.70
12 Roma tomatoes $1.80
6 large yellow peaches $5
6 large cucumbers $3
2 sm containers raspberries $2.50

This will definitely last me the entire week!

Labor Day Weekend

A significant scene in FSND shows Phil, the truck driver that Joe meets on his journey, bringing a pitcher of juice down to a BBQ at the lake where he has retreated to begin his fast. Phil talks up the juice and passes on the meat... my labor day weekend wasn't as inspiring but it could have been a lot worse.

It is my intention to do a long term juice fast. Eliminating animal products from my diet (for health and environmental reasons) is very important to me, and I am willing to make the sacrifices required to lose a large amount of weight (namely, not eat). I am confident that at the end of the juicing road I will be able to integrate lessons learned throughout the fast into a life of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight.

Day one will be tomorrow... Tuesday, September 6, 2011. The weekend brought with it a trip to LegoLand, a beautiful wedding, a baseball game and other opportunities to indulge. At times, I did... At others, I didn't. At least once I indulged in something that is in line with my vegan values--best of both worlds!

I am completely thrilled with the current progress I am making. This isn't what I expected, or even initially hoped, would happen, but I have learned so much and feel good about what's ahead. I am still 8-10lbs (depending on the moment) down from where I started this journey and I have significant knowledge and experience at my disposal as I move forward. Here's to getting more!


TMI: Back in the Saddle

I know how much you all love to read about poop, and since the wombat hasn't composed any great shit stories yet (she has plenty let me assure you) I can speak about it from experience now.

The first time I embarked on this journey I did the full prep week before I started juicing and had very few adverse effects (of the digestive type) when the fast started. Today, after overindulging in dairy several days in a row the first several juices are doing a thorough and rapid cleaning. I'm not getting any huge bms, which is kind of a bummer... I'd love for it to be all over that quickly, but instead I've had to poop at least 6 times today and it's not pretty. Lots of crampy bowel business too. Blargh.

Overall lesson? Ease in and it will be easier. Jump right in and you will feel it!

Back in the Saddle

Without any epiphany, which is unusual for me... I often wait for divine intervention, I made the decision to go back to juicing. I had a 2nd last supper that I won't tell you about because I really don't want to think about it and set straight to cleaning the growing produce collection in my refrigerator

Apples from the "reject" bin at an apple farm in Solvang, limes from next door, more limes, valencia oranges, and a watermelon from spiderman's great-great grandma, and a zucchini from my very own momma.

Here's what I'm heading back into action with...

Mean green: 6-8 leaves kale, 1 handful spinach, 4 celery stalks, 2 green apples, 1 cucumber, 1 small lemon, and 1" of ginger. Yield: 24oz

Great Green Fruity Mix (adapted from the reboot site):
4 handfuls spinach, 2 leaves kale, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 1 pear, 2-3cups grapes, 1 sm orange. Yield: 25oz

Watermelon Mojito: 2 cucumbers, 2 limes, handful of mint, whole lotta watermelon.

Does not look pretty mixed...but doesn't it here? Future adaptations... I would add more mint.

Happy juicing!