Day (oh hell, I don't know what day it is...)

Yesterday spiderman and I visited our naturopath. Dr. Eileen Kenny, DC of the Healing Arts Center of Alta Dena. Dr. Kenny is a chiropractor by license, but chiropractors do more than crack backs (she doesn't do that at all) they provide whole body wellness care including nutrition and supplement coaching. Dr Kenny in particular practices a diagnostic method called Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing to determine which foods and nutrients nourish your body and which harm you. The first time I saw her, over two years ago now she told me that I had an intolerance to dairy and corn and by eliminating both of those from my life I have been able to take charge of my physical AND emotional health in a more significant way than any other time previously.

I was excited to see Dr. Kenny to talk to her about the fast and find out how we are doing. In general a visit to her office is a very therapeutic experience. She always gives you a score based on your general wellbeing and on a scale of 1-1000, 1000 being highest I was at 996 and spiderman was at 998. Woot!

Dr Kenny completely endorsed the fast until she asked me how long I planned to do it. I hesitated to answer and she offered that she didn't want me to do it for longer than 6 days. I told her I wanted to do it for long term weight loss and she strongly advised against it. She shared something she has told me before, that my body in particular is hypoglycemic and I need to not only eat six meals a day, but that I need to eat meat. She shared that she would love to be a vegetarian for philosophical reasons but what really works for her body is to eat fatty meats, she eats steak twice a week.

She recommended an eating plan that she believes would help me achieve optimum health, healing, detox, and weight loss. Here it is (click to enlarge):

Blargh. To me, eating with restrictions is more difficult than not eating at all. Remember day one way back when? When I decided to go straight into juicing because eating wasn't satisfying anyway? Yeah... Still in that frame of mind. The thing is, I trust Dr Kenny. She is my health person. I didn't go to a doctor for tests or permission before embarking on this journey because I don't have a traditional medical doctor that I trust and who knows and understands me and my health philosophy... I have Dr Kenny.

I left her office feeling frustrated and confused. So I ate Del Taco. Yep, I have a problem.

Here's what I know: my big goal is still the same... I am staying on this path to find my own healthiest self so I can help others do the same. I believe that care should be individualized in every case. There is not one diet plan or eating plan that will work for everyone. Not everyone can juice fast for 60 days and come out at optimum health. Dr Kenny is my trusted health advisor and she's never steered me wrong before. She is the single most helpful practitioner I've ever worked with and I've seen a lot of doctors and Therapists in my life. No matter how many times in the last few days I've messed up by eating foods that harm me...I have still been filling my body with more nutrient rich food in the last 3 weeks than in the last several months. I am taking steps towards that healthier version of me.

Here's what I don't know: what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. What is better juice fasting to lose weight as a less medical/chemical version of an opti fast type diet or surgical solution breaking the addiction cycle in an extreme way and then build long term habits as a next step... or losing weight slowly and steadily while building long term habits. Oh damn, written out like that it seems like I have an answer already. Stupid blog.

You know what's hardest about this... Following Dr Kenny's suggested plan basically means that my mom was right about her protein pushing... And I prefer to be right. I suppose I could get over that if necessary. Love you mom.