Foggy, Punchy, and Other States of Being

Reboot day 2 and Just Juice day 1 301lbs, down 3 since yesterday and down 9 since this whole thing started (from here on out that'll look like this: RB2/JJ1/301/-9) and I'm feeling fine... I was expecting much, much worse which I suppose means I should brace myself, but really today was totally manageable.

The most difficult part of the day was when my co-worker brought in homemade bruschetta. Wowza.

Here I am, coping.

I am very foggy. My thinking is very slow, I've had to ask people to rephrase more than once today. My inhibitions at low (think cursing loudly in the office. No, no... More than usual). And I laugh endlessly at simply ridiculous me. With some loving support around me, it was actually pretty fun to be me today.

On the hunger front: it comes and goes. I notice if I sip juice throughout the day (no more than an hour break, usually nursing a juice for 1-2 hours at a time) my hunger is curbed. I still get "hungry" but as we've discussed... That's mostly in my head and my head was able to work it out today. Even when I get hunger pangs in my stomach I can talk or distract myself out of them within seconds.

I had a couple strange moments where suddenly I was reliving the experience of eating a glazed twist donut and a bean and cheese burrito (on separate occasions). Muscle memory? Like meth flashbacks stored in fat cells?