Day 3

I'm running low on brain power, and therefore creative titles.

Oh yeah... RB11/JJ3/296/-14 (I'm going to add 7 days to my reboot timeline since I'm tracking my weight loss from the day I started my prep week). Yep, 14lbs in 11 days, 10 of them in the last 4 alone. Wowza!

If it weren't for the motivating weight loss I might be over it. I'm pretty tired, especially in the brain, and all my juices tasted blah today... It's almost as if they are all tasting the same. I think the sameness comes from the nasty taste in my mouth. Blech.

I keep doing physical things that I am a bit too weak for at this stage of the game because I need to feel like I'm accomplishing something and my brain is not at it's normal operating level.