Beans v. Cake

Today (prep week day 6) I went to my new boss' 60th birthday party. The invitation instructed us to dress as our favorite "Joe" in the birthday boy's honor.  When spiderman saw me stringing a paper cup that I'd written an "a" on onto some yarn to put it around my neck (get it?  cup-a-joe!) and learned that it was a costume party, he asked if he could wear his costume.

I'm a cool mom, so yeah... and why not go swimming in it too! 

Before I get into the food issues in this post I want to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance that is this lovely couple, my good friends, Sloppy Joe & Cotton-Eyed Joe.  It's hard to see in the picture, but that's bbq sauce all over her face... outstanding!

Back to business.  I took a mason jar of green juice with me and was just going to stay as long as I could manage.  I was thrilled to find that there were no potato chips to avoid and an abundance of fresh veggies. 

Still... the longer I was there, and the more people asked me about the green juice the more terrified I became about the thought of not eating in just two short days. The fear of not eating made the hunger pangs grow stronger and stronger until the point where dinner was served and I found myself eating an inhuman amount of beans and rice.

but I didn't have any cake... success? I'm going to go with a yes for this one.

New plan.  Stick with the original full week of prep.  Allow myself to eat more beans tomorrow.  Starting on Monday... do what the rebooters advise and do juice and eating fruits and veggies.  Take it a little slower and a little easier...