Reboot--Day One

Nearing the end of day one of the reboot, starting at 304lbs which is 6 down from the 310 I was at on Monday last week when prep began... I juiced a bit, I ate a bit... I was "hungry" but not hungry. It was tough! I went to Vons after work to grab some potatoes and mushrooms to cook up for dinner and had to remind myself to keep my gaze straight ahead. To the produce section, the register, and the car. No meandering. No wandering. No label gazing. Sigh... I love grocery shopping. Scratch that... I used to love grocery shopping.

One of the most difficult moments in the day was when I was packing spiderman's lunch. I never noticed before what an intoxicating smell goldfish crackers have. Mmmmm mmm!

Once home I tossed a drizzle of olive oil into a pan and as it heated I remarked on the delightful smell. It's just Costco olive oil... nothing special, but the scent was of the most gourmet oil on the table of the most divine restaurant. I could have licked it from the pan at that moment!

mmmm... boiled potatoes

I have never been so excited about eating potatoes and mushrooms. The smells were intoxicating!

I guess when your day and refrigerator has looked like this, you'll get excited about pretty much anything.