Sleep, Stairs, and Vices

RB3/JJ2/298/-12 (for the record, I'm using whole numbers here... No decimal points. When weight loss slows I'll reconsider)

The last couple nights of sleep haven't been great. I've tossed and turned all night and woken to aches and pains. It's be hard to fall asleep at night because although I'm tired, I'm not sleepy.

But last night... Oh last night... How I long for it to be last night again! I drifted into sleep easily, woke up naturally right on time, and only longed to stay in bed because it felt so good not because I wasn't rested.

Once at work this morning, I climbed the stairs to the the third floor as I would any other time, but... Um... Wow... That was difficult. I had to stop between 2 and 3 for a solid minute to catch my breath and regain my sight.


Besides weighing a number that starts with 2 instead of 3 and losing 12lbs in 3 days I have something else to brag about. I decided since I was doing this fast for myself I might as well kick all of my other bad habits. So I haven't bitten my nails in weeks!

Aren't they lovely? Now if only I could stop using public shaming of others for my own amusement.

All day today I was trying to use my phone as a calculator. Yes, I have an iPhone, and yes it has a calculator but I was trying to use the phone and text messaging apps for simple calculations. Very frustrating.

Spiderman had his first soccer practice today. Cuteness, no?

I'm not as foggy today, but boy am I hungry. It's a weird hunger, I have no intention of acting on it, so it just sits there... It doesn't grow. I just live with it all day and it's almost like I could do so forever. I hope I don't have to and hear I won't so I look forward to that.

Also... Moody (and not too great at organizing my thoughts). More about that in other posts