The Prep Week

Wowza. Prep week has been a doozy. We're all on day 4 now. Of course, it's easy for bluntforceobject and angrywombat has the discipline of a mule, so that leaves me... well... hungry

Actually, for day four it hasn't been too bad. I was expecting to crave junk with furvor and aside from on occasional compulsion to eat cheetos (which I haven't acted on) I mostly just feel hungry which is easily quelled with any food including the evil "salad." yum.

I've noticed that I have a lot more appreciation for what I eat, when I eat it.

But when you're eating things this beautiful how can you not!

Lunch at Kafe Neo in Long Beach happened by accident when Shillelagh was closed... but look!

And to highlight how little of the pita I ate...

This salad from Home in Los Feliz was divine!  Called the "Healthy Multigrain Salad" which I personally think they should rename the "Colon Utopia Salad" it was all sorts of beans, seeds, and rices mixed with lovely greens in a light vinaigrette.  YUM.

That's tofu, not croutons... And yes I indulged in the crusty bread, and it was worth it.

Later that evening, I found myself thanking this chicken for giving it's life to me to use for my nourishment.  I can't credit the restaurant, but I can credit my friends Dena & Adam for providing while I got to play with their amazing son, Milo.

That's pretty much all I've eaten in these four days in the name of meals. I've had a few salads at home that bluntforceobject made at home with the most divine dressing (Bolthouse Farms new Asian Ginger Vinaigrette will only last a month in your fridge, but a lifetime in your heart!) and lots of fruit.

4 lbs down! Not that we are counting (yet)