Juicing can be a family affair...

Or... It can not


The first plan was for BFO to do this with me, but he decided early on that it wasn't for him. Fine, fine to each his own... not too many conflicts until today.

My nerves are shot! I have the patience of something that doesn't have much patience. I asked to be excused from bedtime duty tonight (spiderman still uses significant parental support to fall asleep at night, yes I realize I could change that if I wanted to) and was quickly denied because BFO "has to study!"

Just moments before he told me that someone at work warned him to stay in my good graces because I was going to be a loose cannon... apparently he forgot already.

Anyway, as I fumed and prepared my speech (cause that's how I roll... Gotta keep it eloquent with a bite): darling, I'm confused about why it's my responsibility to support and make accommodations for your endeavors and it's not your responsibility to do the same for me... BAM! I stomped around getting things ready for bed and when I finally made it down the hall I found BFO in bed with spiderman with his laptop in tow prepared to study and take on bedtime duty.

Awwwwwwww! What a sweet love! His gesture got him excused from the duty, but now I have to find someone else to be mad at. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.