i will wear sweatpants on a date... i will?

 I just got out of the bathtub.  I've been home since 3:00 (because Spiderman peed on a tree on the playground with a couple accomplices at school and I was called and asked to come get him...  We have been over the guidelines for "nature pee" before.  *sigh*) and BFO picked Spiderman up at 4 today so I had some unexpected extra time to myself and I treated myself to a long, fragrant soak.

It's been a long time since I've written anything about sweatpants and since I don't have a lot to say about life today it seems like a good topic.

Devon is on her way over in a little bit and I'm currently wearing sweatpants...  I'm not sure if I have any intentions of changing before she gets here either.  I do have intentions of making kale chips before she gets here though, and that is something I'm committed to.

It's an odd dilemma (which it turns out I don't know how to spell.  I tried dilemna, dillema, dillemna... before I got to dilemma.  Why do I think dilemma has an 'n' in it?), if it is a dilemma at all.

Reasons why it is probably okay to wear sweatpants on a date:
oh dear. 

  1. It's date 30 (yes, I'm counting... and yes, there's a reason, and I'll tell you when I can) and we're staying in to watch a movie
  2. She doesn't care about things like that
  3. I'm really only wearing sweatpants because it's the next best thing to being naked and being naked would certainly be an okay option...
Reasons why it probably isn't okay to wear sweatpants on a date:

  1. come on, what are you... a slob?
Oh my!  Maybe it is a dilemma!  My inner critic seems to think so.  What's funny is that my inner critic would be completely satisfied with me changing into sweatpants after she arrives... so what's the problem with opening the show in sweatpants?

Oh inner critic, you're such a pain in the ass sometimes...

Maybe I'll wear an apron...  that seems cute enough to cut the edge of the sweatpant debacle.

Stay tuned next week to find out if I changed or not!

Kale chips are calling!