TMI: Headaches, and Mucous, and um (memory loss?) Oh MY!

As you may recall from the first round of this juicing adventure, I spent a full week prepping by cutting out meat, dairy, white flours, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc out of my diet. This process made the detox symptoms much milder.

This time I jumped straight in from a taco bell and pizza binge and let me tell you what's happened!

I've had a few headaches, minor ones... probably from going off caffeine again

I sound like I have TB, but only in random and sudden moments. My deep barking cough also produces huge clumps of yellow mucous just like that detox stage description said it would. And yes, it is disturbing!

I can't remember shit, but it happened suddenly. Like maybe 2:30 or 3 yesterday. I was in the middle of a training and lost my ability to speak coherently. Wowza, that was fun!

Upside, I'm nicer now that I'm stupider...