Shopping Trip

I have a confession to make... I never read the supermarket ads. Really. I complain about money but basically just shop for what I want where I want when I want it. If you haven't caught on already, impulse control is something I could stand to build some strength in.

Today's shopping trip is significant because I not only looked at the ads, I read them ALL and made a price comparison spreadsheet! Ralph's (Kroger to y'all who aren't in SoCal) came out as the winner which was surprising considering how many low income targeted markets there are here...but based on what I needed and the prices... I already said it, Ralph's won.

What I already have in the fridge:
All of the fruits/veggies from our road trip haul mentioned in the back in the saddle post
1/2 a 5lb bag of spinach from Costco ($3-4)
1/2 a 10lb bag of carrots from Costco ($4-5)
2 bunches of celery
6 on the vine tomatoes
1 cucumber
and a few misc older leftovers (like half a beet and some ginger)

BFO works for Sprouts, formerly Henry's and we get a 15% discount. I don't know how much the last few items cost because he bought them for me. I am sure they were on sale. He's great about that.

here's what I brought home today for less than $25
6 lemons $2
4 large bartlett pears $2
1 red bell pepper $1.50
1 sm jalapeƱo $0.03
4 huge black plums $2.70
2 small red yams $0.60
1 bunch green grapes $1.70
12 Roma tomatoes $1.80
6 large yellow peaches $5
6 large cucumbers $3
2 sm containers raspberries $2.50

This will definitely last me the entire week!