Making the juicy life a little simpler

It's true that juicing can be difficult. Willpower, planning, preparation, cleaning, and much more are exercised on a daily basis. We may not use many of those muscles in our daily lives so it hurts to start working them out at first.

I have a tendency to look for short cuts (I'm also a hyper critical perfectionist... how's that combo for ya?), I suppose it's because I'm also an over achiever and it helps me to do more in less time.

Here are a couple juicy tips to make the road to success a little easier.
1. Put your juicer on a tray or cookie sheet. When the inevitable spills happen, you will only have to clean the tray...not the whole counter (although before i figured this out--today!--my kitchen counters were cleaner than ever from all that wiping!)

2. Only wash the blade/filter once a day. This is a theory, and I'm testing it now...but here's where it comes from. Nursing moms who pump their breast milk have to wash their pump equipment after each pumping session or the milk will dry on, get sticky, spoil, etc. Some brilliant woman discovered that putting her rinsed off pump parts in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge kept them fresh until the next nursing session and she only had to do an actual wash at the end of each day. I'm proposing that the same can be true of these horrid to clean centrifugal juicer blades...simply rinse, pop in ziploc, and leave in fridge. Do the necessary scrub down to thoroughly clean at the end of each day!