F*CK You, Day 2!

I'm kind of pagan-ish... if you don't know what that means... I don't know what to tell you other than it probably isn't what you think and you should look it up? I'm into the whole earth religion thing and peace and love and other hippie stuff (like juice fasting!). In particular I believe in our bodies' ability to heal ourselves both through tangible resources like food, exercise, etc AND through the power of our minds. I don't typically subscribe to the "fight" angle when removing a disease from the body. To me, conflict doesn't bring about much resolution... so instead of fighting against things like illness or disease I try to work with them--or at least work with my body's natural response to something. I'm sounding really goofy now, but it doesn't really matter because I'm about to contradict myself. Because...

Today, I got through the day with this mantra: "F*ck You, Day 2!" It had a nice little rhyme to it and it was my way of avoiding all of the available food and recovering from the anger I felt (toward myself?) from having to relive day 2 again. And you know what? It worked. :) And I made it through the day. 2 days into just juicing I have lost 6lbs. The scale seems a bit misleading in terms of progress because I know most of the weight lost in the first couple days is water and impacted waste, but still nice to be back on track like that!

I documented day 2 by taking photos of everything I had the opportunity to eat and didn't. For each one let's shout the mantra together!

First, out came the cake! Yes we do indeed have the strange custom of poisoning our bodies with refined sugar as a celebration of our day of birth.

F*CK You, Day 2!

Then, lunch was served. Deli sandwiches and chips...

F*CK You, Day 2!

Another lunch was offered to those who wished to take part...

And boy did they!

F*CK You, Day 2!

Snacks were abound...

F*CK You, Day 2!

And, yes, I even said it to this helpless little tangerine.

F*CK You, Day 2!

So, what did I consume today, you ask?

I made it through the day with iced green tea sweetened with apple juice accompanying my mean green juice, an orange colored juice (carrots, yam, orange, coconut water, and cantaloupe), and a garlic veggie juice (tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, celery, parsley, garlic, and lime).

Once home (from a 12 hour work day that involved 4 hours of driving over 100 miles each way and a speeding ticket) I treated myself to a lukewarm cup of half strength vegetable broth.

Oh yeah, people. This IS the good life.