Running for my dinner

Today, I reintroduced food to my gut. It was a turbulent, but ultimately joyous, reunion. After 132 hours of just juice, I decided I wanted to eat. And what's different about this time, is that I wanted to eat well. Around 120 hours in I started to read "Eat to Live" and grew hopeful about a moderate, vegan, lifestyle that could help me reach my goals. 12 hours of decision making influenced by a BBQ in my own home may still be impulsive, but hell, I'm not claiming not to be!

Today I ate: a banana, half a pear, 1/3rd of a peach, a handful of carrots, a vegetable (lots of dark leafy greens, onion, and red pepper) sandwich on sprouted grain toast, 1/2 cup of beans, and a few bites of tofu and noodles. And I feel wonderful! Full (comfortably) and warm and satisfied and energetic and calm and what I was really looking for... Excited again.

That's what was missing this second round of fasting. I wasn't excited about it (I kind of dreaded it which made it that much harder to get started) and I wasn't excited about juice. Last time I conquered hunger by sipping on juice constantly throughout the day. This time, I could barely drink any juice without retching so I waited until I was hungry (no. ravenous), drank it fast so I wasn't starving myself, and belched for much of the next several hours. Not a good time.

So, here's what's next. This blog is still about looking good in sweatpants--it's still about my journey to health. I'm going to share what I learn about plant based diets, recovering from food addiction, transitioning from being a fat person to a thin one, and so on and so on. Because I know they are wildly popular, there will still be TMI posts. And I'm pretty sure there will be more changes to the plan, or necessary evolutions as I like to call them.

And here's what's first! Today when I got home I went running. Outside. I walked to the park around the block, took two walking laps around the block and then started to run. I made it one full length and 1/2 of the next length before I couldn't feel my legs. I probably could have gone a bit longer but I really don't like falling down so I resumed walking. I walked the rest of the way and headed back home. All in all it was 20 minutes of an elevated heart rate and more running than I've done since middle school.

But it was also more. It was me, in stretchy clothes, bouncing all my bits around, in public. Do you know any fat people? Are you a fat person? And I'm not talking about healthy weight person with body image issues, I mean really... a fat person. What do you think when you see a fat person exercising? "oh, good for them!" or "yeah right sweetie" or "I don't think anything because I don't see color..." blah blah, yeah right. What do you think when you see a fit person exercising? Either not much or just "yup." it makes sense right? They are fit. They exercise. It goes together. Just like a great ass in sweatpants.

I don't want to be a candidate for the people of wal mart website, which is unlikely because I don't shop at wal mart, when I leave my house in sweat pants and walk by you on the street the only thing I want going through your head is "yup."