Day 1 today, Day 1 tomorrow

If you've been keeping track you know today was day 1 again... I ate lunch (channa daal and rice from the Indian/Pakistani place across the street) so it wasn't day 1 of just juicing but it was day 1 of something... A new attitude maybe?

I wanted the lunch, I felt hungry, and hungry for that food in particular (that, for future reference, is probably a good sign that I wasn't actually hungry) but eating it wasn't satisfying. I felt heavy and smelly afterward and instead of waiting to get hungry again I grabbed my mean green from the office fridge and sipped on it until it was time to go home at 5:00p.m.

Tonight again at home I want to eat, but I know the hunger is a lie, I have been nourished plenty for today and my body has abundant emergency rations stored in my hips and thighs. Kate Moss says nothing tastes as good as being thin feels... let's find out if she's right.