Day 4 Blues

It's overly simplistic (a la louise hay), but this is ALL about attitude. If I start to feel badly about juicing or thinking about food I want the decline is rapid and I'm ready to break the fast I was dedicated to within moments. Same in that when I am positive and hopeful and remind myself that the juice is nourishing and healing me I am resolved again within moments.

Today I spent a lot of time on this roller coaster. I was here before last time, where the taste of juice was the least appealing thing I could think of... but I was still too hungry not to have any. Today I tried to mostly subsist on tea and water and I even gave myself an enema trying to speed through the process of ending digestion in the colon... It's 10pm and the devil on my shoulder is definitely trying to convince me that one bite of (anything really) won't hurt.


I like instant gratification. I mean, really... Losing 10 pounds in the last 4 days isn't enough for me. I want to close my eyes, open them, and find that this is over and I've conquered it.