100 Acts of Self Love!

not sure what this is about?  --read me--

(the first) 100 Acts of Self Love** (i could come up with.  what else can you come up with?)
  1. draw a heart on a part of your body
  2. smile at yourself in the mirror
  3. take a deep breath
  4. say "I love you" to yourself
  5. place your hands over your heart and say "I am lovable, I am loving, I am loved"
  6. sing your favorite love song, at the top of your lungs, to yourself...
  7. write a loving message about yourself on the bathroom mirror
  8. drink something warm and comforting
  9. drink something cold and refreshing
  10. take a walk
  11. find some sunlight, turn your face to it, close your eyes, and breathe it in
  12. pay yourself a compliment
  13. give yourself a hug/ask a really good hugger for a hug
  14. send yourself a loving text message
  15. leave yourself a loving voicemail
  16. go to the bathroom when you first feel the urge instead of waiting until you might explode
  17. think about someone you love (maybe even let them know you are)
  18. buy yourself a present
  19. stop and smell a flower
  20. savor a piece of fruit
  21. go to bed early
  22. stay up late
  23. write down exactly what you're thinking 
  24. when something feels like a mistake, reframe it into a lesson learned
  25. call a friend
  26. write yourself a love note
  27. wear something that makes you feel good
  28. eat something you want to eat instead of what you SHOULD eat
  29. see yourself happy
  30. say "i love my (insert body part here)" for every part of your body you clean in the shower
  31. spend 10 minutes straightening up
  32. let the mess stay the way it is for another day
  33. light a candle
  34. laugh
  35. wear something comfortable
  36. sit in silence with yourself
  37. think about what you're grateful for
  38. remember what it felt like to kiss someone for the first time and let that memory vibrate through your body and tingle in all the best places
  39. drive the speed limit the whole day (and forgive yourself if you're late)
  40. close your eyes for a moment
  41. take a break
  42. splurge for the froofy drink
  43. daydream a dream vacation
  44. thank your body for something it does (walk, climb, breathe, etc.)
  45. read something just because
  46. have an orgasm
  47. say no to something you don't want to do
  48. say yes to something you do want to do
  49. cook for yourself
  50. take yourself out to eat
  51. eat outside
  52. doodle
  53. have a silly photo shoot with yourself
  54. admire your surroundings
  55. turn the cell phone off for a set period of time
  56. go somewhere by yourself
  57. spend time with someone you love
  58. notice when things go right
  59. make a list of things you're good at
  60. ask people who love you what they love about you (and believe them)
  61. sit or lie on the floor and admire a different perspective
  62. get things ready the night before
  63. get your heart rate up for 20-30 minutes
  64. drive with all the windows down
  65. look at photos
  66. watch a ridiculous video on youtube
  67. quench your thirst or feed your hunger when it first becomes present
  68. do what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it
  69. do something you've been meaning to do
  70. take a moment to use all 5 of your senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound)
  71. trust your intuition
  72. say how you're feeling
  73. snuggle/cuddle with someone/thing (see here for instructions on how to "spoon" yourself)
  74. take your shoes off
  75. watch a favorite show or movie
  76. play background music
  77. play a game
  78. think about the last compliment someone gave you (and then repeat it to yourself)
  79. re-read old love notes, letters, cards
  80. stare off into space
  81. go outside at night and look at the sky
  82. take a snack with you
  83. eat something green
  84. go putz around on Facebook or Twitter
  85. Stay off of Facebook or Twitter for a day
  86. give yourself a gift (buy a new one, or wrap and unwrap something you already own!)
  87. ask yourself "what do I need?" and then get that need met
  88. spend some time with an animal
  89. spend some time with a child
  90. turn the music up all the way
  91. dance (like no one is watching... seriously.  if you need that to be alone like i would, go for it.)
  92. take a different route to work/school/etc
  93. take the stairs
  94. mix up the routine/do something differently than you normally would
  95. floss your teeth
  96. wash your hands 
  97. take a bath/shower
  98. make a list
  99. hold your own hand
  100. take a break
*important addition to every one of these: and FEEL GOOD about it
**and goodness please don't do any of these things if they would result in death or dismemberment

100 Acts of Self Love!  begins on Tuesday, May 15th.  
Join me!