the whole (self love) story

Today was the first day of 100 Acts of Self Love!  Thank you to all who are playing!  ...and thank you to all who are thinking about playing... and all who are reading about others playing... and all who decided not to play... and anyone involved in any way really.  We're all a part of this somehow. :)

I already posted about my first 5 of 100 Acts of Self Love on the Facebook page and Twitter, but I have a pretty self-loving day it being my birthday and all... and I think I ended up with at least one act of self love for each year of my new age.  Let's see...
  1. Woke up naturally with the sun/son (they get up at the same time those two...), no alarms!
  2. Dropped Spiderman off at school in my sweats.  Pre-shower.  I know it sounds gross, but it's radically self-loving.
  3. Stopped to smell the blooming jasmine on the porch
  4. Took a long, luxurious shower ...by candlelight  ...and with music 
  5. Shaved my legs (I'm not sure if this was really for me or the massage therapist, but it ended up feeling good so we'll say it was for me)
  6. Took my time primping and prettying up
  7. Left the dishes for another day                      
  8. Got a bigger bag out of the closet instead of trying to cram everything I wanted to take into my purse
  9. Started the day with a green smoothie--extra pineapple, delish!
  10. Wore appropriate shoes for walking around all day 
  11. Wore super comfy clothes (all stretchy, all the time)
  12. Gave my favorite shirt/dress/tunic a final wear (its now covered with flecks of mod podge and the hem is completely unravelled... time to retire)
  13. Took myself on the free birthday ride to Avalon on the Catalina Express!  
  14. Remembered to wear my sea-bands so I didn't puke all over the boat 
  15. Had cake and coffee for "breakfast" when I arrived on the island 
  16. Took a long walk/hike (Over 17,000 steps and the equivalent of 80 flights of stairs today!) 
  17. Let myself play-pretend-nature-photographer    
  18. Sat on top of a mountain (that I got to the top of via my "chevro-legs" and...
  19. ...meditated
  20. ...stared at the ocean
  21. ...sent loving thoughts to people I missed
  22. ...sent loving thoughts to myself
  23. ...took pictures of myself looking pensive for dramatic effect 
  24. ...admired pictures of myself (look at my lips in this one.  woah.) 
  25. Found a labyrinth and walked it (and then forgave myself for not getting much out of it besides this cool picture)                                                  
  26. Ate lunch in a cool little cafe with a checkered table cloth
  27. Ordered an arnold palmer, and it was refreshing! 
  28. Read trashy-vampire book over lunch          
  29. Had a massage
  30. Left big tips at the cafe and the spa and stuck around to see the smile/surprise/relief
  31. Bought myself a little present                        
  32. Reminisced about childhood and bought some salt-water taffy to prove it
Honestly, I think there was more, but if I'm going to keep this self-loving up tomorrow I'm going to need to do some things tonight to get ready!

It's never too late to join 100 Acts of Self Love!  Try it for a day... or even just one intentional act.  I'm still willing to bet you're loving yourself regularly and just aren't thinking about it.  Let's see what making it intentional can do!