addendum to "the adventure of finding out what you really feel..."

early this evening i wrote a blog post that ended with: 

"because the truth is that i KNOW that i am indeed awesome and amazing.  ...and incredible and beautiful and smart and accomplished and loving and lovable and loved and all of those important things...  but why can't i reach that "knowing" in moments like this afternoon?  where does the peace of that "knowing" go and why?

this is the point in the blog post when i answer the question myself.  but this time i don't know the answer.  all i know is that i have to figure it out for myself and that no one is going to rescue me (which really fucking sucks).  wish me luck, please."

and I'm back already with an addendum/correction: 
  1. I don't have to figure it out myself (there are several people, some that i already know and share this lifetime with, who can and want to help me figure it out)
  2. I can rescue myself (with their help)
Things are looking better already...