no crocs allowed

Juevona Picante recently told me a story about her husband getting irritated with her because she arranged for transportation home from the airport for them from someone they would have to wait 30 minutes for; that bothered him and he wanted to know why she couldn't be more on top of details. She also mentioned that while on their trip they spontaneously decided to stay in the city one night and see a concert; he had a great time and expressed gratitude to her for being such a fun, flexible wife. She and I both concluded that he didn't realize that in order to have the fun, flexible wife he wasn't going to get the detail oriented wife--they just aren't the same person.

I'm having a bit of that myself. My inner artist has been unleashed and I'm having a great time with her. I've stayed up late painting and sketching a few nights and this morning (after taking spiderman to school) I took some sick time because I had a therapy appointment and used it to spray paint the tree branch copper, meditate, and masturbate before I showered and actually faced the world.

Creatively, I'm feeling fulfilled and having a damn good time.

But... without adult supervision I'm also experiencing the following: I've had a sinus thing for 16 days and still haven't gone to the doctor and I think it's settling into my chest, I forgot to pay the gas bill, I'm exhausted from not sleeping enough, and my house is a mess.

Probably the biggest sign that I'm a different version of myself is that I wore sweatpants to work today. I'm told by my LLC that they didn't look like sweatpants and she was still willing to go to coffee with me, but she did call me out on the crocs...

I'm not sure if it's ever okay to wear crocs in public. In fact, if you aren't in scrubs or are a professional beach volleyball player I'm not sure if it's okay to wear crocs at all. I used to think mine were okay because they are the "Alice" (http://www.crocs.com/crocs-alice-work/11050,default,pd.html?cid=206&cgid=women-footwear-flats), but the straps broke and I am holding them together with paper clips... and i went out in public in them today... Yep, I'm a different version of myself alright.

and I'm happy.