rock. paper. scissors. laser...

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday...

I'm going to attempt
to make this post rhyme.

Let's see how long it lasts
probably not a long time.

In honor of John Bon Jovi's birthday I'm going back to prose. Thank you all for playing.

I have a series of random thoughts to share with you and an update on my first art project. Welcome to the disjointed edition of IWWSPIP!

1. spiderman believes that the game rock paper scissors includes the option of a laser. consider yourself warned.

2. i currently have 5 different globs of toothpaste on my face. this is because I have 5 different zits. I haven't had this many pimples at once since 1995. my vanity is not pleased.

3. I forgot to tell you on Wednesday that I played piano from age 2-9 and saxophone and clarinet in jr high and high school. Yes, I was in marching band. It pertains to my strange relationship with music... I was a decent player with some technical skill but I never had any "soul." I could never improvise or jam. And now all I can do is play Mary had a little lamb with chords.

4. I took the wrong exit driving home today (I was not thinking about driving obviously)... and then saw a license plate that said REALBMS... people are awesome. I wonder if they know what a BM is and what it means to have real ones

5. I went to therapy and the OBGYN today. Have you had a pap smear in the last 18 months? If not, go schedule one now. Seriously. Nothing important is happening here tonight. I'm loopy.

6. Laughing through your nose when you're stuffed up will result in a snot escape... it's not attractive but it can be funny in the right company.

7. Another reason the artist's date was a flop: I hate dating. It's awkward and silly and it can't compare to being in love... So rather than date myself I think I'll try being in love with myself instead.

And now... a story about being a terrible person:

When I was pregnant with spiderman, angrywombat (and my mom, and some other lovelies) threw me a blessingway. While a traditional baby shower is about the baby and gifts for the baby, a blessingway is a ritual celebration a woman's journey into motherhood.

To prepare for the blessingway I made a belly cast from plaster bandages that captured my swollen form in perpetuity. The intent was to do a group art project at the blessingway where the women in my life would decorate it in found leaves and pressed flowers. The women present did so eagerly... and... I... um... well... I... I hated it.

I'm still a neurotic control freak, but only a shadow of the one I was back them. And my super pregnant and super hormonal self was horrified that the body cast I had suffered through making was defiled by a lack of understanding of the intentional use of negative space. Unfortunately for everyone involved I went in with a vision that the belly would be scaled in multi-colored eucalyptus and grape leaves would demurely cover the breasts... Pregnant, terrible and snobby to the Nth degree I put it in a box and never did anything with it.

I've taken it out a couple times since and tried to love it... but while I love the intent... I still don't like the way it looks. To anyone reading who was contributor... First, I'm sorry I'm a jerk, and second I'm sure the part you did was the only part I liked.

The belly cast went into the closet almost 5 years ago with the intent that I would rework it into something I loved and I knew that this was the month to complete my ultimate unfinished project.

Here's a little photo story about where we are. And again, I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I still have the birth necklace we all made together and I love it dearly (oh wait, I think I restrung that myself later too. Damn.)
So, I'm still going for the scales look... but found all of these cardboard circles to use instead of leaves.

If painter's had sous chefs, I couldn't think of one I'd rather have than this one.

Experimenting with cleaning the wall after experimenting with painting on the wall...

Remembering why I love painting... I love that it gets everywhere. I find a little bit of absentmindedness to be endearing and nothing is cuter than a dab of paint or flour on a busy creator's cheek or forehead.

"scales" this photo and the process of painting all of these made me feel quite fulfilled.

So, now because I am not a free spirited artist type I will go sort the dry circles into categories based on color and stuff...