a REAL artist's date

I ended up on an artist's date yesterday evening, and it was a total accident.  I was at work far enough away from home that it didn't make sense to go home and then drive back in the same direction from whence I came to pickup spiderman from my mom's.  So, I decided to go buy some new clothes for work (this new environment is just a bit more adult than the last one).  I was an hour and $100 in (don't worry, that's the budget I set for myself so we're all good here) when I realized that I was alone, doing something for myself, had a book in my purse I wanted to start reading, and I still had an hour and a half to spare before I needed to get back on the road. 

My first thought was to sit in my car and read... really.  I'm naturally just THAT exciting.  ...and a few moments later when i REALLY recognized the opportunity in front of me an Artist's date the evening became!

I took myself to Native Foods, and even though I cried on the way there (about something I still intend to tell you about later, I'm just not ready yet) and found myself actively judging all the hipsters as I walked from the car to the restaurant (until I saw myself in the mirror and had to laugh at my own reflection peering back through the thick tortoise shell glasses) I think this may have been the greatest date I've ever been on!

Here are a couple reasons why: 
Lavender Lemonade
"bacon" "cheese" "burger" with fried pickles atop
"chili" "cheese" fries
(so, basically reasons 1-3 can collectively be called "vegan gluttony."  there is definitely such a thing and it is just as disgusting as any other gluttony (minus the dead animals and environmental impact).  in case you're wondering (because I would be wondering if I were reading this blog that is supposed to be about getting a hot ass)... I didn't eat it all.  I actually ate all of the "burger," but the fries are residing in my fridge...  I wanted to eat it all, but I couldn't have if I had tried (which I didn't).

4. and finally... the most important reason this was the best date ever!
because who doesn't want to think about shame on a date with themselves?!
Brene Brown's book finally came and I cracked it open and dove right in.  My goodness...  I know this is weird but I was reading this book (by balancing my phone and a knife on the pages to keep it open while I gripped the slimy "burger" with two hands), gorging on this ridiculous food, thinking about my own shame and having the time of my life.

I am a special creature.  Yowza.