an extra hour

wounded, but just physically this time.
it's a nice change of pace.
all of a sudden i have an hour to myself that i didn't know i would have...

this seems like it would be a good thing, but there are too many days in my life where it becomes another one of those "too many choices=paralysis" moments.  today, however, it feels luxurious.  there are tons of things i can do... but instead of debating which ones i'm just going to do what i feel like doing.  and most of things probably aren't on my to-do list at all!

so... now... because yesterday i (accidentally, if that's not obvious) put a knife into the pad of my hand that warranted a trip to the ER and needed 5 stitches, and last weekend i took an amazing writing/acting workshop that brought me back into my body and my life, and a few days ago i learned that I am FINALLY divorced, and I'm only going to see my kid for a day or so over the next 9...  I'm going to go do stuff...  I've got sexiness to commence with.  Call it "research" for the blog.

Oh yeah, actually that is a really good idea... because let me tell you what you people want... you want to hear about gay sex.  If I mention it in the slightest in the teaser line in my tweet or facebook post you all are all over that post...  you guys are perverts.  but I'm happy to oblige.  for now, let me go have a conversation about boundaries with my beloved and start gathering material (as if i need more material... hehehe)

until Monday.