I might be a hypocrite, how 'bout you?

Question for ya... not rhetorical either (email me, Facebook, Twitter... whatever suits ya).  When you watch either or both of these videos do you a) find them to be funny? and b) find them to be in the "funny because it's true" category?

my story...  I watched the first video and thought it was funny... and yeah, in the "funny because it's true category" and then I watched the second video and thought it wasn't funny, and mostly because it wasn't true (to me)... and then I got to have a moment of self reflection (don't you love those?  if only life would dole out more... <--sarcasm) and wondered if I was a hypocrite...  Did I think the first video was "true funny" because I'm not in the community who is the subject of the video so I believe the stereotypical norms it portrays.  Ewww, maybe I did... I'm not sure how I feel about that!  I mean, I know that playing on stereotypes can be damn funny... but why didn't I think the stereotypes about my community weren't funny?  Because they aren't... or because I'm *gasp* offended? (I'm not)

Not judging myself here... or you, but truly authentically curious.  Are they funny?  Is one yes and the other no?  Which one?  And why?

Video One:

 Video Two: