i smell a sick day

yesterday afternoon after being spun around on some kind of spinny thing (<--really, I don't have the words to describe it... um... it was at a park.  it was round and had a pole in the middle, i sat on it and grabbed onto the pole, i was spun.  then devon joined me and we were spun some more.  it was fun, except for the nausea) my throat started to get that swollen feeling it gets when i eat shrimp...  but i hadn't eaten shrimp.

this morning, after already having been up since 4 (because i went to bed at 9:30 the night before), while wrapping up my body scan mindfulness homework around 6:15 am I sneezed and my sinuses released a big goopy mess all over my face.

this afternoon a more intense sensation in my throat sent me to the first aid kit for a lozenge (my work has the BEST first aid kit. there is nothing it doesn't have in it).

i'm in full blown sniffle-whine-monster mode now...  and i have cramps.  oh, what a joy!

so, instead of whining any more about it here i will leave you with three clever things i said/thought recently that would make good facebook statuses or tweets:

1. I'm so powerful the Universe knows when I'm being sarcastic.
2. The problem with NPR news is that they don't make shit up, so they only have an hour worth of material a day.
3. I was relieved this morning when I realized that tomorrow is election day and it's all going to be over tomorrow... and then I realized it's probably not all going to be over tomorrow.  boo.

goodnight folks.  i'll be here, maybe in bed with tissues stuffed up my nose, all week.