what "feeling good doing it" looks/feels like

you may recall that I tossed out my bathroom scale...  and (as predicted) that's when things started moving.  I have no idea how much I weigh or how much I've lost, but I have reached that milestone where my body has changed enough that I can dry everything on high in the dryer and not be bothered if anything shrinks.

I believe I promised pictures of me wearing sweatpants in public and feeling good about it despite how I may have looked in lieu of the monthly ass updates... which I don't have many of because I usually don't remember to take pictures of myself when I'm not feeling smokin' hot.  but lucky for us all my hiking buddy captured this moment last weekend...

wow, that's some hair
and it is the first time in my life I recall being photographed so sweaty in such clingy clothes where my main vanity is focused on my hair and not my body.  (little victory dance!)

and for hair posterity...

oh hello, pretty. :)
I've reclaimed my natural hair color and my signature red lips.  welcome back, kate.  we love you.  we missed you.  you're welcome anytime.

ah, what a little self-love can do!