Plenty "month" recap...

Okay, so technically it (the plenty "month") isn't over until tomorrow but I was moving furniture around my new apartment last night with a fervor that could only be explained by hormonaly-fueled nesting and since I'm not giving birth to a child anytime soon I'm clearly giving birth to a new reality and I'm going to let it come in it's own time--a day or two early is agreeable for nearly any pregnant woman; due dates are just estimates anyway (public service announcement about intervention free birth over)

Let's recap, shall we?

July 19-August 16: plenty (money, honey)
My intention for the month: 
all my "gifts" waiting for me to open and let them in.
i'm target in this analogy--fyi.
  • Experience abundance (of the monetary and loving energy variety) (um, yeah.  CHECK!  I had plenty of money, including some unexpected surprises large and small-yay!, and lots and lots of loving energy from people and the universe alike.  I made room in my life for new things to come and boy did they...  almost as if they've been waiting for me to make room for them.)
How I think I might get there: 
  • Participate in The Receiving Project as a way of learning how to be open to receiving all the gifts the universe has in store for me.  (Check-ish.  I signed up for it, and kept up with the emails for the first 10 days or so.  I had a live conversation with the creator, Jo Anna, just a few days ago that brought this pregnancy--again, not pregnant with child, pregnant with potential--to full term.  Letting go of the "requirement" to read the email made room for the call... so I'm going to mark that as a success.)
  • Practice intentionality with my money.  Use the "envelope system" to set limits and observe habits as they relate to spending on things like food, gas, and entertainment  (oops-ish.  i never did the envelope system.  excuse: I was in the middle of switching banks and that took longer than I expected.  reason: I think I'm past needing the envelope system--I used a spreadsheet to keep track of my budget and spending and ended up with a surplus.  No check on the practical application, big CHECK on the intention.)
  • Money magic!  More details to come.  Stay tuned!  (Check!  I wrote about the money magic here, and I've been practicing it with some consistency.  I haven't had anything too overwhelming happen financially... BUT...  I think I've been swimming in a sea of receiving so it's hard for anything to stand out.)
All in all this month had some phenomenal outcomes.  I was more distracted than is comfortable (to feel successful while in process), but that's what happens when you meet someone who seems like they may have been designed specifically for you... and while I love process too much to say process-schmocess, but I have a new affinity for surrendering the process to the universe and expending most of my emotional energy on gratitude for the resulting gifts.

Bottom line: I opened myself to receiving, and I started receiving.  I made room for more, more came.

More on what's to come next "month" on Friday.  As of Tuesday, I'm the mom of a kindergartener and I have an "information packet" to dive into.  I love information packets... *sigh*