August 17-September 15: where the heart is

'Tis a new month!  Here's what's in store
August 17-September 15: 
where the heart is 
(loving where I lie my head and other spaces I occupy)

My intention for the month: 
  • Feel at home... everywhere (my apartment, my work, my city... everywhere)
How I think I might get there: 
  • In the name of transparency I am going to freely admit that a large part of this month is an excuse to do more art (and maybe some shopping).  I have a few project ingredients (the branch from way back when... an old globe that's begging to be cut in half and turned into hanging lamps...  a gazillion frames and a gazillion more unframed photos) and an itch to "make."  That, and I really want new towels.
  • Explore "home is where the heart is."  As much as I am effected by elements of my environment, I can probably access as much "home-ness" in my heart as I do self-love... I have a hunch it works the same way.
  • Deal with whatever comes up (<-- this is going to be a part of every month has been a part of every month).  Every month I get distracted by what comes up, and every month I feel a little bad (read: horrendous self judgment) and try to "focus" on what I'm supposed to be focusing on... and as a result do myself a great disservice.  Not doing that anymore.  If you see me doing it, call me on it will you?
See you at "home!"