Thank you notes are important

I have always liked instant gratification (who doesn't, right?).  No, but seriously... I have at times been addicted to instant gratification and have avoided situations where it wasn't going to present itself because I just couldn't bear to live without it.  And believe me, I got the message that I was being immature and silly and frivolous and over time I learned to live without it (although let's face it, I still crave it).

and here's the thing... when I am doing the right thing for me (spiritually... energetically...) i DO get instant gratification.  So, to everyone who thinks that desiring it is foolish: PFFFFFTTTT!  I say to you.  You don't have to have it if you don't want to, but I'm going to keep on receiving it as the gift it is.

So, that's where we are today... more gifts coming in at a rapid pace (instantly, in fact!).  As I mentioned in the intro post for this "month" I am participating in Jo Anna Rothman's "The Receiving Project" as a way to open myself up to more abundance.  Yes, this month does (will, I swear...) have a fiscal lean, but abundance is about so much more than money... and my abundance seems to be quintupling by the moment.

The Receiving Project involves getting a daily "gift" from Jo Anna with loving language prompting the reader to open her/himself to receiving and seeing the gifts the universe delivers daily.  Today is day 8 and I would like to share with you that 6 or 7 of the last days have been rough for me.

I have been feeling off center and had been having a hard time connecting to my creative self and the last couple days have been rough in general with a lot of generalized anxiety and activation in my body and right this moment I finally feel completely my (artist) self.  And the gifts I received from the universe are so unbelievably beautiful I can only process them through sheer excitement!  

Here's a little bit about two of them: 
iced tea: a gift from a friend.
the photo: a gift from my inner artist
  1. I am taking an online chakra photo workshop with  Vivienne McMaster  and it was something I signed up to do just for fun… It started last week and I was just NOT feeling it.  Every week we focus (pun intended) on one of the chakras, she sends beautiful emails Mon-Weds of each week with prompts about the chakras and what to look for in our lives/days, and encourages us to capture it with photography…  and, again, just not feeling it.  Which felt so wrong… because this is so my thing.  This week began and again I was having a hard time getting into it and found myself wanting to procrastinate and then finally today I just started to see photos everywhere.  Everywhere I looked I saw a beautiful photo connected to the sacral chakra and what it's all about (feelings, water, flow, passion, orange…) and I was able to capture what I saw with my eyes in the frame.  
  2. THEN… I made a new friend.  :)  I met her via freecycle the first weekend I lived here (she came to get my moving boxes).  When she came here that day she saw a piece of art I made (the red door) and was just gushing over it (which was, of course, nice) and then later we were standing outside talking and she read me like a book!  She grabbed my hand and stared right through me and said "believe in your art, you are so talented.  you can live off your art.  it's all you need" and (like I told her today) I have no desire to be a professional visual artist, but I feel like the writing and the work that's going to come from/out of the blog is my art and it was exactly what I needed to hear after dragging spiderman and myself to a foreign place on a whim that I would feel at home here and be able to live the life I wanted… sigh.  So, I walked back upstairs and I was bawling and madly scribbled what she had said on a post-it (which is in front of me on the computer right this minute).   The next day I wrote her and asked if she wanted to get together again (which she did) and then I put it off because I was overwhelmed by the move and we finally connected today and it was just great!  I saw her.  She saw me.  We found friends in each other.  It was just lovely.
My mother taught me a lot of things... and the one that I could have done a better job at sticking with is the art of thank you notes.  So, let's try and make good on that right now: 

Dear Universe, 

Thank you.  Thank you for the gifts of this life, this year, this month, this week... this DAY!  Thank you gently leading me back to center.  Thank you for showing me how to see again.  Thank you for Devon.  Thank you for the new friend (blog nickname TBD).  Thank you for all the people who love me (and I love).  Thank you for spiderman. Thank you for mom.  Hell, thank you for BFO.  Thank you for all of it.



To anyone who's paying attention to my promises.  I have actually started doing the money magic and I'm going to write all about it right now and post in on Friday.  Thank you for waiting!