already receiving

ok universe, i get that you have a lot to prove, but you can slow down.  i trust you.  i really do.  there's no need to feel like you have to win me over with gifts.

but because you did... thanks.

only a few days into plenty month and already my cup overfloweth.  i haven't much of a clue what's going on in my bank account (besides that i have enough money) and i'll work on that this weekend, but for now, here's what i have "received": 

  • a super exciting compliment from a fellow book clubber on this here blog-ish thing
    • As I read this, I started to realize (belatedly, I know) that you were doing a sort of Happiness Project. And then I remembered your disdain for the book of the same name... and THEN I looked through your blog archives to January 1st and learned about what you are doing... AND THEN I felt obliged to let you know that I think it's fantastic and inspiring and admirable, and WAY BETTER than Gretchen's way of doing anything.
  • a love letter from an the creator of the Receiving Project who is interested in my work!
    • You are a pioneer...willing to step outside your comfort and outside what your mind thinks it knows. You are willing to see the possibilities. You hear the call and begin your adventures. You no longer wait for the Universe to yell and scream...you appreciate the subtleties and honor them. This quality is already serving you well and will continue to do so. You are only at the beginning of the ascent...the true palace of wisdom awaits! And it has hot tubs :-)!
  • a really dreamy evening out with a new character in this life story, Devon
  • there's likely been more, but i'm going out with Devon again.  gotta run!