this is it.

oh dear.  Tomorrow is the last day of the FULLfillment Project.  I think I'm going to cry...  or scream?

Maybe both.

The main thing I'm feeling right now is terror...  I've been taking it very easy on myself this "month."  I was sick with a nasty winter cold for nearly two weeks, then took a road trip, and allowed myself to not adhere to any schedules for writing or planning or anything really (except for work that I'm paid to do) as a result.

The end result of those choices: I have to-do lists written on tons of little pieces of paper all littered around my apartment (not really, that would drive me crazy.  really, they're all in a little plastic folder/pouch that I carry my life around in).

That's not the end result of the FULLfillment Project, that's just the result of my recent state of mind and mode of operating. The end of the FULLfillment Project (TOMORROW!  ack!) is something I'll need to reflect on a bit before I get back to you.

But I will... reflect... and get back.  Promise.

For now, I have to-do lists to consolidate, task lists to setup, and calendaring to polish.  Because this month was about "working smart" and if I took only one thing away from it, it's that catching up after time off is going to take as long as it takes (and feeling anxious about it, attempting to work late hours that result in sleepy mornings, and trying to do everything at once don't make it go one bit faster).

Goodnight, beloved readers.  (wow, the terror is disolving into gratitude, isn't that nice?) Thank you for being here with me.  This has been a pretty amazing year.  Let's all engage in a cyber group hug and meet back here on Friday to talk about what we shared and what's in store for 2013!


preview of coming attractions for 2013 :)