letting go of limiting beliefs

The more time I spend loving on/getting to know myself the more I learn about how far off I've been for so long...  I've been carrying around several limiting beliefs that, some consciously/some subconsciously. have been shaping my reality and impacting my quality of life.  As with anything old and well worn in, I've been scared to let them go.  Even though they hurt, they're comfortable.  I know them.  I can count of them.  They're predictable and easy.  I wasn't sure who or what I'd be without them and I wasn't too eager to find out, until now...

Today, I'm using this blog post to say goodbye to my limiting beliefs, and I'd like to invite you to do the same.  Is there something you believe about yourself that holds you back?  That keeps you from going places you want to go?  Doing things you want to do?  Being things you want to be?  Is there some past behavior that you've been working to change that you still feel ownership of (I used to do this all the time... even once I had gotten past something I STILL claimed it as part of me... why?!  who knows.  I'm done with it now, though).

your limiting beliefs belong here, making electricity.
stop hogging them.  let them go.  let's keep the lights on.
You can start with just one.  One limiting belief about yourself that you'd like to get rid of.  And you can get rid of it here.  By commenting about it on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the blog (where you can do so anonymously if you'd like) you are releasing it.  It is no longer part of you, you no longer own it.  It belongs to the wind now, and the wind will carry it far, far away, and someone will harness it to make electricity and you will be free from it.  And since letting go of a belief will leave a hole behind, and to prevent you from feeling compelled to fill that hole with food, booze, drugs, sex, self-loathing (whatever your "substance" of choice is), then I want you to tell me what the opposite belief is.  I'll do it first, and then you.

These are the beliefs about myself that I'm letting go of today.  forever.

1. I am anti-social, it is hard for me to make friends, and talking to "strangers" is terrifying/my least favorite thing to do
2. I am undesirable, certain parts of my body (from the waist down) are gross, and no one will ever want me
3. I am not adventurous and I don't have what it takes to take risks
4. I don't have the drive to make a life for myself, I can only exist within a structure someone else creates for me, and I have to be/be like someone else who has already "made it" to "make it"
5. I don't know how to have fun, let loose, and be playful
6. I am unlovable, my big feelings are unattractive and too bothersome for other people to deal with
7. I am unkind, I say and think mean things, have no filter, and I hurt people with my judgments
8. I am financially irresponsible, I waste my money on compulsive shopping and food I don't need
9. I don't have any self control or discipline and I give up when things are hard
10. I am weak, I don't have strong beliefs or values and I am willing to change what I want from life in order to get love from others

and... these are my new beliefs going forward

1. I am social, friendly, and find it easy to strike up conversations and get to know new people.  I love doing it!
2. I am beautiful, from head to toe, and am grateful for all of the parts of my body and the things it does for me.  And I'm damn sexy too.
3. I love trying new things and sampling all that life has to offer.  I feel fear and do things anyway.
4. I am passionate about my life and my goals and will work tirelessly until I reach them.  I create my own reality and it is one where I thrive. I am enough, and I've already made it.
5. I am fun and playful.  I know how tooreplace into silliness and experience life as joyous.
6. I am loving, lovable, and loved.  My vulnerability and authentic nature draws people to me and I can form close bonds with my willingness to get emotional.
7. I am kind, generous, and loving.  I know how to speak to people in gentle and accepting ways and I can always see the good in people and love them for it.
8. I live a life of abundance.  I have plenty of money for my basic needs and some of the wants too.  I use my money thoughtfully as a tool that enhances my life.
9. I am diligent and committed.  I make choices for myself based on what serves me best and honor my intuition.
10. I have values that are rooted to my core.  I live by and through them every day.  I am on a lifelong learning journey in this lifetime and learning something new every day is my favorite part of life.

Okay, now your turn.

Give it a shot.  It feels amazing (and if it doesn't, email me... I'll help you through the icky parts too).  If you need help with the new belief let me know... I'll help you find one that matches.